23—27 September


September 12/06/2017


The three winners will be announced on 22nd September, the evening before the VICENZAORO September 2017 opening. The creations of all the finalists will be on display at Vicenza's Museo del Gioiello

The names of the 22 finalists of the international "Next Jeneration - Jewellery Talent Contest" specifically for under-30 talentshave been announced and their creations will be on display at an Exhibition dedicated to "Jewellery and Function", the theme of the 2017 competition, which will open in Vicenza during the next VICENZAORO September, scheduled to take place from 23rd to 27th September.

The works of these future jewellery industry talents will be hosted inside the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza at the Museo del Gioiello, the jewellery museum under the directorship of Alba Cappellieri, Professor of Jewellery Design at Milan Polytechnic and Italy's leading scholar within the sector.

The finalists were selected by an illustrious Jury and come from nine different countries: France, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, China, Israel and Norway.


1. Antoine Cousin with Merken,
2. Yulara Casadei with Twi(re)st,
3. Agostina Issolio with Bubble Ring,
4. Franziska Hoehne with Identity,
5. Federica Giuseffi with Avvolgimi,
6. Sofia Silvestri with Silence,
7. Cristina Fava with Rifletti-ti,
8. Marta Siccardi with Bibi,
9. Maria Enrica Barbieri with Bracciale Porta Borsa,
10. Jesus Ricardo Peiro Chucuan with Little,
11. Carlotta Di Cerbo with Transformer,
12. Rofhima Molaudzi with Head-Ease,
13. Themba Mantshiyo with The Last Cigarette,
14. Marco di Biagio with OMG,
15. Pamela Cecilia Martello Arana with Reflections of the reality,
16. Isotta Scarpa with Peel Ring,
17. Sara Meneghelli with Elipso,
18. Jian Yang with Contact Lens Case,
19. Francesca Di Sabatino with Wearingkey,
20. Ekaterina Rabey with The Ice Breaker,
21. Wang Qi with Bracelet to walk dog,
22. Kari Ramstad Fjeld with Beequiet.

September 05/05/2017


Maria De Toni's Vicenza-based gold smithery company has transformed Made in Italy jewellery into a symbol of peace and love and presents its new collection for Mother's Day.

Maria Loretta De Toni, founder and Chairman of the company Maria De Toni Srl, based in Sandrigo in the heart of the Vicenza district, has demonstrated an unshakable commitment to relaunching the identity of Italian gold smithery and craftsmanship.
As a jewellery stylist and curator of gold smithery exhibitions, together with her international team of professionals and academics she focuses on spreading integrated economy projects which positively influence markets. Her innovative jewellery "with a soul" is inspired by different cultures, featuring decorative elements which reflect a profound bond with art and nature. The aim is to create an economic-cultural Renaissance between East and West, for peace without borders.
Maria De Toni's mission has been concretely applied in international gold smithery culture competitions, in the creation of "Jewellery for Peace" for UNESCO in 2000, in the 2004 book and exhibition "Le Vie dell'Oro - Vicenza, Venezia La Serenissima e l'Oriente (1404-2004)"® (The Routes of Gold – Vicenza, Venice The Serenissima and the Orient) and in the jewellery piece “Palladio e l’Oriente” from 2008.

Maria De Toni is also an activist for an "Integrated Economy for the Relaunch of Made in Italy®”, as creator of the exhibition guide for "Il Lusso con l'Occhio dell'Oriente (1000-2000)”® (Luxury through an Oriental Eye), conferences on the relaunch of Made in Italy gold smithery identity throughout the world, in Rome, Palermo and Dubai in 2011, as well as the 2016 exhibition with Fiera di Vicenza. Grounded in consolidated gold smithery tradition, her jewellery in 18kt gold draws inspiration from artisan and artistic cultures of different countries and traditions and is characterised by exclusive hand finishings, embellished by semi-precious stones.
Maria De Toni presents her new collection on the occasion of Mother's Day: a trilogy of jewellery pieces inspired by a mother's eternal love, represented by the candour of white pearl, symbol of love and purity since the Italian Renaissance.

The necklace, the pendant and the slave bracelet with hand crafted details constitute a precious tribute to a mother's love and devotion.

September 10/05/2017


The new range by Zoccai combines style, eco-sustainability and social commitment to benefit pet therapy for children with leukaemia and the WWF.

Zoccai, a historic gold smithery company based in Thiene, has dedicated its latest project to dogs and children: “Buddy, an invaluable companion”.

A collection in 925 silver and ecological stone with pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings, the perfect mix of style and worthy cause.
Indeed part of the profits will be donated to the Pedemontana Local Health and social care services to provide pet therapy for children suffering from leukaemia. Each animal is assigned a colour within the collection, which reflects its character as well as values that become good feelings for wearing and giving; for example, the basset hound is associated with green, a homage to tenacity and perseverance, the Pug with crystal cognac for balance, the Labrador with blue for sensitivity, the Jack Russell yellow for energy and the Maltese with pink for tenderness.
A homage to man's best friend featuring ten of the most popular breeds, including "pure love", one-of-a-kind mutts who win our hearts over. Inspired by a great love of nature as well as values such as respect, sensitivity and attention. This is why in addition to dogs, the collection also features seven endangered species (project in collaboration with WWF for the protection of endangered species). The entire range has been made from sustainable materials: 925 silver comes from the re-use of material from previous processes, rubbers are not harmful to the environment and are made from materials not extrapolated from nature, stones are obtained from glass, and paper comes from eco-sustainable forests.

Zoccai was founded back in 1839. Today, it's fifth generation is ready to continue over 170 years of family tradition, with the intent on pursuing further growth for Zoccai and its jewellery. Zoccai aims to continue to satisfy its own clients, offering something unique and new each season, bestowing innovation and trendiness upon a classical good such as jewellery.

Zoccai wishes to convey the timeless importance and the value of jewellery upon younger generations, by offering collections for all tastes, ensuring that the ancient art of jewellery is accessible for everyone. Jewellery has always accompanied and embellished key life moments. This is why Zoccai wishes to play a part in transforming these moments into unforgettable memories.

September 10/05/2017


This is the season in which auction houses return to full swing. The world's largest and most famous pink diamond was sold recently sold at auction: The Pink Star.

Upcoming auctions shall feature The Apollo Blue & The Artemis Pink, at Sotheby´s on 16th May, followed by Heart Shaped Diamonds at Christie´s on 17th May. Apollo and Artemis are a pair of earrings, each featuring a diamond, as a unique piece, in two different colours: “The Apollo Blue” is the earring in fancy vivid blue, accompanied by another earring featuring “The Artemis Pink”, in fancy intense pink.

What renders them truly unique is that they can be considered as single jewellery pieces or as a pair featuring in a pair of earrings. Their names bear a clear reference to Ancient Greece: Apollo and Artemis were two much loved Greek divinities. Both divinities were siblings and blessed with great power and beauty. This is why they became Ancient Greek's most venerated deities.

The GIA, Gemological Institute of America, has valued The Apollo Blue as a 14.54 carat diamond. It weighs in as the largest ever vivid blue diamond to go under the hammer. The gemstone was cut to present a brilliantly coloured pear-shape. According to the GIA Apollo Blue is a type IIb diamond, a category to which a mere 1.5% of all diamonds belong. The diamond has already toured the world and it was previously placed on display at a Hong Kong based exhibition.

The Artemis Pink presents an intense pink colour: at 16 carats, Artemis has also been cut into a perfect pear shape, a perfect match for the Apollo. According to the GIA, Artemis is a IIa diamond, a selection of the world's most chemically pure diamonds, characterised by perfect optical transparency.

According to the Gemological Institute of America, only 3% of diamonds are classified as coloured, and of these, less than 5% present a pink colour, making The Artemis Pink very special and unique. In virtue of their unique characteristics, these earrings have been defined as the most important pair to ever go under the hammer. The Apollo Blue has been valued at between 38 and 50 million dollars and The Artemis Pink between 12.5 and 18 million dollars.

The 92.15 carat Heart Shaped Diamonds shall be auctioned suspended from a cultivated pearl sautoir in a piece called “La Légende” by the high jewellery company Boehmer et Bassenge. It has been valued between 14 and 20 million dollars. These promise to be truly unmissable auctions.

September 10/05/2017


An increasing number of companies are choosing to combine business with a charity project and donate part of the revenue to charity projects It has been shown that when faced with two brands of equal quality and price, 90% of American consumers prefer the brand with a "philanthropic spirit.

According to a study by Unilever, 33% of consumers prefer to purchase brands which show attention to charity and eco-sustainability. Millennials are particularly sensitive, aware and selective in the purchase of products, favouring "charitable" purchases. 

Charity works particularly well online, with websites containing a direct link to beneficiaries of donations, providing all useful information, often showing the faces of beneficiaries themselves. Solidarity in shops works better when retailers invite representatives of a single or several bodies to answer questions. 

With countless causes, there are numerous ways of participating in charity projects. Involvement benefits companies. For example Joan Hornig, jewellery designer for the Philanthropy is Beautiful brand, donates (to a purchaser's organisation of choice) 100% of profits for each piece purchased. To date the Joan Hornig Foundation has donated over 1 million dollars to over 900 charity initiatives throughout the world involved in education, medical research, social services, the arts, animal rights and environmental protection.

Brass & Unity creates jewellery from brass cases and donates part of its profits to war veterans. The founder Kelsi Sheren, a war veteran who had to leave Afghanistan due to post traumatic stress disorder, developed the idea of making jewellery from cases.

The jewellery designer Lizzy James has transformed her own negative personal experience in the fight against cancer into a positive and constructive project, creating a versatile and fashionable jewellery range which celebrates the force of resilience within all of us.

September 10/05/2017


This year shall see an unprecedented peak in spending for Mother's Day, according to the NRF (National Retail Federation) survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics.

Total expenditure on this occasion is expected to reach 23.6 billion dollars, a record figure in 14 years of the survey's history, topping last year's record of 21.4 billion dollars. Consumers are willing to spend an average of 186 dollars (last year average spending was 172 dollars), and retailers are ready with a vast swathe of gift ideas and promotions for their own customers.

According to the survey, jewellery will generate the largest amount of spending for Mother's Day gifts, for a total value of approximately 5 billion dollars (a 19% increase compared to last year). 4.2 billion dollars is expected to be spent on outings, lunches and dinners, 2.5 billion on flowers, 2.1 billion dollars for clothes, 2 billion dollars for consumer electronics and 1.9 billion dollars for personal services, for example a day spa.

In search of the perfect gift, 35% of consumers purchase at department stores and 31% at specialised shops, such as florists, jeweller's or electronics stores, whereas 24% make purchases at small shops in their own city. 30% of purchases are made online (up 3% compared to last year). 34% of smartphone owners browse gift ideas on their device, whereas 19% purchase directly on their phone. Sales forecasts are bright indeed, especially for our sector, gold smithery and jewellery.

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